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Renewgoo 16FT Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight and Poop Bag Holder and Dispenser, Heavy Duty Tangle-Free Nylon Leash, One-Button Control Brake & Lock - Suitable for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

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🐾 Built-In LED Flashlight: Experience maximum visibility during nighttime walks with our bright LED light, ensuring the safety of both you and your furry friend.

🐾 Durable and Reliable: Enjoy smooth control without any hiccups, thanks to the strong spring coil that facilitates easy retraction and release of the leash.

🐾 360° Tangle-Free Design: Our leash, crafted from high-strength nylon rope, features a U-shaped opening that prevents tangles and allows your dog freedom of movement.

🐾 One-Hand Quick Lock & Brake System: Easily control, stop, release, and retract the leash with our convenient and reliable one-hand system, making walks hassle-free.

🐾 Comfortable Anti-Slip Handle: Enjoy longer walks with the ergonomic handle made of durable TPR, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

🐾 Poop Bag Holder and Dispenser: Keep walks clean and convenient with our integrated dispenser, allowing for quick and easy clean-ups during your dog's outdoor activities.

Elevate your dog walking experience with the Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash – the perfect blend of safety, convenience, and durability. Our leash is designed with a bright LED light to ensure maximum visibility during nighttime walks, providing a pleasant and safe experience for both you and your furry friend. The reliable spring coil mechanism allows for smooth retraction and release, and the 360° tangle-free design ensures your dog can move freely without any hassle.

The one-hand quick lock and brake system provide easy control, allowing you to stop, release, and retract the leash effortlessly. Built mighty strong with a premium 16 ft nylon tape leash and a durable stainless steel coil, our leash is designed to handle the pull of dogs up to 75 lbs, making it ideal for small, medium, and large breeds. The ergonomic anti-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip during longer walks, and the integrated poop bag dispenser adds convenience to your daily outings.

Choose Renewgoo for a reliable and enjoyable dog walking experience. Whether it's a daily walk, jog, run, camping, or hiking, our retractable leash is the perfect companion for you and your furry friend. Make every walk a breeze with the Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash.


Q1: How do I activate and use the LED flashlight on the Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash?

A1: The built-in LED flashlight on the Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash is activated by a simple button. Press the button to turn on the bright 50-lumen LED light for maximum visibility during nighttime walks. To turn it off, press the button again. Enjoy safer walks with enhanced visibility for you and your furry friend.

Q2: Can the Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash handle larger dog breeds?

A2: Yes, the Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash is designed to handle the pull of dogs up to 75 lbs, making it suitable for small, medium, and large breeds. The premium 16 ft nylon tape leash and durable stainless steel coil ensure reliable control and smooth retraction, providing a comfortable and safe experience for both you and your dog.

Q3: How does the 360° tangle-free design work, and how does it benefit my dog's freedom of movement?

A3: The Renewgoo Retractable Dog Leash features a 360° tangle-free design crafted from high-strength nylon rope. The U-shaped opening prevents tangles, allowing your dog to move freely without any hassle. This design ensures a smooth walking experience and prevents interruptions caused by tangled leashes, providing both convenience and freedom of movement for your furry friend.

Free Shipping on most Orders**. No minimum purchase required. Orders ship within 24 hours on business days & typically arrive within 2-5 business days. 

The Renewgoo extended holiday return policy. All items purchased starting October, 1st - December, 26th are returnable through January 31 of the following year.  That's over 100 days to get GOOdeals!  Shop with confidence knowing that your Renewgoo family has you covered. 😃

All products have a 45-day hassle-free return policy. All returns are processed within 1-2 business days. (In rare cases, it may take an additional 3-5 days for the refunded amount to appear on your account). Please email us to return a purchase to Renewgoo. We'll email you a free, pre-paid return label. Just follow the instructions in the email, and we'll issue a full refund once your item is received. In order for an item to be returnable, it must be returned in the same condition as it arrives.

**Oversized item may have a minimal shipping charge displayed at checkout

Step 1: The Manufacturing

We manufacture our gadgets under 3 brands: Renewgoo, BarBinge, and BugSoldier. For almost a decade, Renewgoo operated as a service provider for retailers and big brands who liquidate MILLIONS of returned and overstocked products. This gave us a decade of experience in seeing exactly why people returned products. We now design new and improved gadgets you'll love! 

Step 2: The Process

Every product we design goes through a rigorous 19-point checklist to make sure we only bring the best quality products market. Our entire team, including our CEO, takes our new designs home and we use them in our daily lives. This helps us to ensure we only deliver quality products to you.

Step 3: Competitive Pricing 

We know the importance of price and our procurement team works diligently to make sure we bring items to market at a fair value for our customers. 

Step 4: Environmental Protection

Help build a cleaner more conscious society. We work diligently to source our materials from eco-friendly suppliers and design reusable products to prevent unnecessary waste that hurts our environment.

Here are just a few more reasons you should buy from us:

  • We use US Based fulfillment centers to ship your order. That means you will be receiving your purchases at warp speed from locations near you.
  • Secure ordering is available to protect your privacy
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
  • Over 500,000 satisfied customers!
  • 45-Day Hassle-Free Returns
  • Everyone that purchases from us come back for more. We must be doing something right!

The bottom line is we love our customers, and our customers love our products! You will too. Experience the Renewgoo difference today.

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