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GooChef Silicone Pastry Baking Mat 16" x 24" - Non-Stick, Heat-Resistant, Dishwasher-Safe, Dough Rolling Oven Liner Mat by Renewgoo

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Enhance your baking experience with the GooChef Silicone Pastry Baking Mat, designed for perfection in every roll, knead, and bake. Crafted with a Food-Grade Silicone coating, this baking mat provides exceptional heat resistance up to 440°F, ensuring durability and reliability for your culinary endeavors.


  • Elevate Your Baking: Professional-grade silicone baking mat for superior results
  • Culinary Creativity: Versatile use for various recipes and baking needs
  • Secure and Stable: Grippy bottom ensures stability on any surface
  • No-Fuss Baking: Heat-resistant and non-stick for effortless baking and easy cleaning
  • Beyond Baking: A must-have accessory for all your culinary endeavors


Bid farewell to the days of struggling with sticky dough and messy surfaces. Our non-stick surface eliminates the need for excessive flour or oil, making cleanup a breeze and preserving the integrity of your recipes. The generously sized 24"x16" mat transforms any countertop into a professional baker's workspace, while its slim profile allows for easy storage without cluttering your kitchen.

Unlock your baking potential with the included practical conversion charts. Whether you're crafting a delectable pie or a crispy pizza crust, our circular guides and dual imperial-metric measurements guarantee impeccable results, even for novice bakers. The mat's anti-slip bottom keeps it securely in place during vigorous kneading, ensuring a smooth baking process.

Cleaning up has never been easier. Simply toss the mat in the dishwasher for a quick and convenient cleanup, or opt for gentle hand washing with warm soapy water. Our mat's non-distorting material ensures lasting resilience, even after repeated uses and washes.

The GooChef Silicone Pastry Baking Mat's innovative non-slip design further enhances your baking experience. Sprinkle a bit of water underneath for heightened adhesion, making tasks like kneading, rolling, and cutting dough a seamless process. The mat's soft material allows for easy folding and storage without creases, eliminating the need for bulky traditional wooden pastry boards.

Invest in quality, convenience, and precision for your baking endeavors with the GooChef Silicone Pastry Baking Mat. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal and elevate your creations with confidence, backed by the reliability of Renewgoo.

Our baking mat isn't just a tool; it's a partner in your culinary journey. Say goodbye to sticky doughs and intricate cleaning processes. Whether you're whipping up cookies, brownies, cakes, or pastries, the Renewgoo Goochef Pastry Mat ensures even baking and prevents messes.

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic BPA-free, eco-friendly food-grade material
  • Multipurpose: Ideal for baking, cooking, and crafting pizza, pancakes, rolls, and more
  • Secure Grip: Non-slip design suitable for any countertop
  • Versatile Uses: From pastry mat to oven liner, it's a versatile addition to your kitchen

Roll it up for easy storage, and unroll it for boundless creativity in the kitchen. The GooChef Silicone Baking Mat is your go-to tool for achieving impeccable results

Whether you're kneading dough, creating delicate pastries, or crafting gourmet pizzas, this mat is the ultimate companion.

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Step 4: Environmental Protection

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