Irresistible Chocolate Chip Nutella Iced Coffee Recipe for Coffee Lovers! Delicious DrizzleIn this video, join us as we show you how to create the ultimate coffee drink: Chocolate Chip Nutella Iced Coffee. Watch as we blend together creamy Nutella and chocolate chips with strong, refreshing coffee to create a deliciously indulgent drink that's perfect for any time of day. This drink is sure to become your new go-to when you need a pick-me-up!

Here's a recipe for a delicious Chocolate Chip Nutella Iced Coffee:


1 cup strong brewed coffee
1 tablespoon Nutella
1 tablespoon chocolate chips
1 cup milk (or non-dairy milk)
Ice cubes
Whipped cream (optional)


Brew 1 cup of strong coffee and let it cool.
In a blender, combine the cooled coffee, Nutella, chocolate chips, milk, and a handful of ice cubes.
Blend on high speed until the mixture is smooth and frothy.
Pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice cubes.
Top with whipped cream (if using) and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.
Serve immediately and enjoy your delicious Chocolate Chip Nutella Iced Coffee!

Note: You can adjust the amount of Nutella and chocolate chips according to your preferences. If you prefer a stronger Nutella flavor, use more Nutella. If you prefer a sweeter drink, use more chocolate chips or add some sweetener like sugar or honey. Also, you can use any type of milk you prefer, such as almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk

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