I like juicy kiwis and cannot lie you other fruits can't deny Catchy Tune Sir Mixes A Lot
I like juicy kiwis and I cannot lie
You other fruits can't deny
That when a kiwi gets sliced up with a knife
And the juice starts flowin', it's pure delight

I peel that brown fuzzy skin, oh so smooth
The green flesh inside, it's ready to groove
I grab my juicer, it's time to get loose
'Cause a kiwi juice is what I choose

Oh baby, I wanna get with ya
And take your kiwi juice, mix it up and sip-a
My taste buds are goin' wild
'Cause that sweet and tangy kiwi juice drives me wild

I see that kiwi, it's callin' my name
I gotta get some, it's not a game
I'll juice it up and drink it down
And feel the energy all around

So kiwis, if you're lookin' for a juicin'
Just call me up, I'm ready for the mixin'
I'll take that fruit, and make it shine
And turn it into a delicious, healthy time.

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